Business Information Risk and Security Officer eTeam UK in The Hague

Purpose of the job
The Business Information Risk Security officer seeks to prevent damage as a result of breach of information, implement information risk management and monitor compliance with laws and regulations. Maintains and continually improves the Information Security Management System.



  • Develops policies and contributes into annual security plan;
  • Creates awareness on the importance of information security for the group;
  • Provides information security goals;
  • Develops a strategy to achieve information security goals.

Leadership (relationship management, project management)

  • Provides functional guidance to Information Security functions;
  • Acts as project manager or client for group-wide projects in the field of information security & risk;
  • Organizes and facilitates group consultation for information security & risk management and coordination.
  • Implementing (methods / techniques and tools, advice)
  • Directs the development of implementation directives;
  • Initiates and information security & risk awareness programs;
  • Facilitates risk analysis and develops of control measures;
  • Checks if implementation guidelines are aligned with policies and recommends improvements;
  • Advises management in case business policy decisions have implications for information security & risk.
  • Interprets and presents the impact of changes raised on every tier of enterprise architecture and enterprise environmental factors.

Evaluate (management information)

  • Assesses reports from internal and external audit agencies on relevance to information security & risk;
  • Assesses alignment of information security & risk reports from information security & risk functions with implementation guidelines;
  • Provides assignments for internal investigations and audits;
  • Maintains a central registration of information security & risk incidents, including current status;
  • Assesses developments in society, the industry and the information security & risk field.

Maintained (policy)

  • Adjust information security & risk vision, strategy and policy and facilitates adaptation of implementation guidelines based on evaluations.
  • Takes ownership on information security operational processes

Contacts (Relationship Management)


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